About the Prints

Printing is done at a professional lab, usually Bay Photo, and, in that, I have the prints sent to myself first to check the quality before forwarding on to you, valued customer. I ask for you to allow 2-3 weeks to receive your prints. Generally, this will take less time, as I have yet to come across an issue for a need of a reprint, however, I like to be prepared for mechanical and/or human error. 

If you have a special request for a size option not offered on the ordering page, or a desire for the photograph to be printed on a different material than what is listed (such as wood, acrylic, or canvas), please don't hesitate to contact me either via the contact page, or directly through email :


I will do my best to accommodate, and work with you to achieve the look you desire. 


Option 1: Printed on Luster Paper

This is a quality print, using Kodak Endure Lustre "E" paper. It is a fine grain textured paper. It comes ready or you to mat and frame as you desire. The creativity is in your hands for presentation of this beautiful print.




Option 2: Printed on Luster Paper and Mounted on Gator Foam

Imagine the same beautiful print as in Option 1, on Kodak Endure Lustre "E" paper, mounted on 3/16th inch warp-free, rigid, black matte foam board. With this option, you can opt to custom frame, if so desired, or mount it directly as is, with included mounting blocks.




Option 3: Metal Print

You can enjoy the breath-taking glow of your chosen photograph printed directly on specially treated aluminum sheets. These are quite striking in presentation, and make a lovely addition to any decor. They can be framed, if you wish, but are mountable straight out of the box, with floating mounting blocks.